Does RAK3172 running RUI3 use a Watchdog?

Does RUI3 use any type of Watchdog feature?

If not, would Arduino_Core_STM32/libraries/IWatchdog/ cause any issues with RUI3 core?


Hello @pmjackson

RUI3 does not have a watchdog function.

Libraries from the STM32 Arduino Core BSP are not compatible with RUI3.

Thank you Bernd,

Would you have any suggestions to implement a Watchdog function?

Hi Pat,

I found something hidden in RUI3, please wait for feedback from our R&D how to use it.

Hi Pat,

The WDT is at the moment disabled in RUI3, it is planned to implement it in first quarter 2023.

I have no workaround for it at the moment other than to setup a timer and if it is not reset the timer callback will force a reboot.
It is not as safe as a real watchdog, but maybe acceptable for you.

Thank you Bernd.
Interesting. I may try that.
I am glad that I came across RAKWireless.
I look forward to using the RAK3172 in my productions.

I don’t know how this situation works but could your sales team contact to see if jlcpcb can stock your RAK3172(US915) for SMT assembly?


Hi Pat,

For your question about JLCPCB, please send an inquiry to our customer support team through [email protected]. They can help you. I guess it is no problem, we often deliver directly to assembly sub-contractors of our customers.

Thank you @beegee
I think I see on JLPCB how to order parts from RAKWireless to ship to JLPCB for assembly.

Hello @beegee. I would be interested in being a Beta tester for the WDT.
In the meantime, I am implementing an external WDT.

Thanks for looking into RUI3 for WDT.

Hi @pmjackson

I will keep your offer in mind.

Hello @beegee ,

Concerning a watchdog system.

I came across [udrv_wdt.h] in RUI3.5.3 for Arduino

I tested with the following and it sees to work well.

#include <udrv_wdt.h>;

void Setup(){
udrv_wdt_init(); Current INIT window is 32768 ms

void Loop(){
udrv_wdt_feed(); must happen < 32768 ms


HI @pmjackson

V3.5.3 is a staging version, it might have the WDT functions, but API calls are not complete tested.

I hope it will be in the next official release.

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