Does RAK7268V2 fix Cayenne LLP?

I’m currently using the RAK7268V1. The internal network server has some issues with Cayenne LLP. Has the new RAK7268V2 improved the Cayenne support?

Hello @Kelena,

Could you share the exact issue with the Cayenne LPP implementation in the RAK7268V1?
Also, what is the end device that you are using?
RAK7268V2 has implemented decoders that follow the Cayenne LPP specification, but they are decoders for our devices set up for the specific payload.

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

Here is my original post when had all the details:
When I originally posted my issue, it was suggested that I run a separate Chirpstack NS. I’m not able to do this.

The end device I’m using is the RAK3172 on 5005V1 board using the End-Node code from STM32CubeIDE, now at SDK FW1.3.

I recently noticed that my RAK7268V1 was a couple of versions back on the firmware. I just upgraded the firmware and will
test the Cayenne LPP function again.