Does RAK7431 require gateway?

I am new to the LoRa protocol, so this question will reflect my lack of practical knowledge. We would like to transfer a few bytes of MODBUS data across a LoRa link. The RAK7431 looks like a product for that purpose. My question is if two RAK7431 units can communicate with each other (a transparent bridge), or do we need to purchase a RAK7431 and a gateway device. We don’t need multiple devices or delivery of data to an application server. Just want to move a few MODBUS registers from one machine to another. Any insight is surely appreciated.

LoRaWan always requires a gateway. Other LoRa schemes may not.

In practice “bridging” is extremely difficult, and when possible typically requires firmware carefully tuned to the exact need written in consideration of a deep understanding of the limits of a low data ratio radio protocol.


Thanks much for your insight. Very helpful information. I’m new to protocol and recently on the path to learning more.


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