Does the pressure KPa in the environment sensor need modified?

I have setup a weather station and was looking for a way to make sure my numbers were right. I found a KPa to mb converter that converted my numbers I was getting. Is mb the same as mbar?
The current local weather website said it is Pressure of 1019 mb right now. Currently my environment sensor is sending 935 KPa and that converted out to 9350 mbar which is like 9 times higher than what the weather website says. So I am trying to figure out if I need to divide that kpa number by like 10 or something to get the correct KPa values?
Is 950 KPa even a realistic number? From what I am reading on pressure charts online, KPa seems to only go to about 100-200. What do I need to do to get the right value?
Is there a good conversion calculator, or unit of measurement or something you can recommend too that would allow me to get a conversion that is more standard to online weather data? I’d like to be able to trigger a response that tells me when the pressure has hit a certain point to let me know storms are coming

Any idea of this? Still having issues with the data. Pressure levels never seem to change
Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 10.56.01 AM

Your scale is complete off. Barometric pressure does not change between 0 and 2000 kPa. With this setting you will not see the changes. I setup my chart for values between 1000 and 1020 kPa and the values are between 1002 and 1010

Here is the data from my sensor, with a matching scale:

I guess to phrase it better. Do I need to adjust the actual data I am getting? Is 940-980 Kpa inaccurate or even relatively in the ball park of the data I should be getting outside? I can adjust my charts scale down I am just trying to figure out a reference point here. Also how do I convert it to mbar from kpa, what formula are u using?

You do not need to change the values read from the sensor, you have to adjust the scale of the tool you use to display the data.

What is the math formula you used to convert it from kpa to mbar in your graph?

No formula.
I use Datacake, it takes the values from the payload and displays it.
There is no formula needed. When I create the widget for the data, I select scale automatically

I thought the data in my serial monitor said the pressure units were in kpa, is that the same as mbar?


I am more used to mBar than Pascal. 1 mBar = 1hPa

I don’t know what library you use to read the pressure. For RAK1902 I use Adafruit LPS2X, for RAK1906 I use Adafruit BME680.

Adafruit LPS2X returns the pressure in hPa
Adafruit BME680 returns the pressure in Pascal

MSL (Mean Sea Level pressure) in my place is 1009hPa today, so your 940kPa would mean you are far below sea level. I think you are interpreting the data coming from the sensor the wrong way.

I am using the data from your rak 4630 example here for the environment sensor

Then you can see in this line that the pressure read from the sensor is divided by 100 ==> Pascal to hPa

And you should have seen in this line that is in hPa, not kPa.

And here you can see that the data is sent as hPa, not kPa.

ah makes more sense, are my hpa values more along the correct lines?

I’m reading online, seems that 940-980ish hpa is still not in the right ballpark? I guess they are saying that’s low pressure. I am in arkansas,
United States which is in the south in the US

Check your local weather information online, they should show barometric pressure

They report 30.1 inHG which converted to 1019 hpa. Any idea why that number is so far off? Currently getting 960 hPa right now. local weather pressure levels check out with other websites too to give me 1019 hpa is what I should be reading on my sensor. Is there some kind of formula I could put into my visualizer to help it reach the correct numbers?