Does the RAK7243C LoRa-4G support 2G and 3G?

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I’m struggling to connect my LoRa gateway to the GSM network.

I stay in a rural area, and only have access to 2G and 3G. I’m wondering if maybe that is the issue.

Does the RAK7243C (4G) support 2G and 3G?

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Open LTE module with minicom
sudo minicom -D /dev/ttyAMA0 -b 115200
Then enter the ATI command to view the model number of the LTE module. The first few letters are the model numbers.

The figures below are the bands supported by each model.

BG96 and EG95-E support 2G.

I have a RAK7243C with the module EG95-E. When I introduce the command AT+COPS=?, I don´t see the 2G network. Should I use a different AT command for choosing the 2G network?

Please confirm that the operator has 2G network coverage in this area.

Hi ZhuQI,
Yes I cnfirmed it. When I insert the sim into my mobile phone and I choose 2 option I have coverage. In adittion I confirmed the band usng a “band Info App”.

If “at + cops =?” Cannot find the 2G network of your sim card, maybe you can try to replace the sim card of another operator.