Downgrade wisgate OS on RAK7289CV2

I’m having trouble with RAK7289CV2 on AWS since I upgrade my gateway to WisGate OS 2.2.0.

I have found the procedure but cannot find the WisGateOS 2.1.4 binary version.

Any one can appoint me the link to download it?

Link to procedure please?
I also tried 2.2.0 and get disconnects now and then. I had hoped for a fix by now but until a fix comes out this gateway is kind of too unstable to use commercially.

Hi @Rafael @tecsus Can you clarify the issue? Problems with AWS IoT Core as integration or with AWS IoT Core For LoRaWAN LNS with the Basics Station?

@Rafael Here is the link to the recovery procedure OpenWRT Recovery Procedure | RAKwireless Documentation Center

@Rafael @tecsus please mail to [email protected] to share the WisGateOS2 2.1.8 BIN with you.


The gateway was able to connect to AWS and send information about the status (online/offline). But the gateway was not able to receive any device information, neither registered, nor unregistered (when monitoring the packages received from the gateway, I couldn’t see anything).

I used an alternative solution with Chirpstack to get things working and now I do not have access to the gateway (it’s in a tower, 25 meters above the ground level). I’m able to update it, but a downgrade is not possible.

Can you confirm to me if the gateway OS version 2.2.0 has problems with AWS?

@tecsus can you send an e-mail to [email protected] with more information about your setup? AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN settings, band, sub-band, gateway SN, EUI, etc…

No known issues with the AWS IoT Core LNS.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that information anymore. When I switched to Chirpstack 15 days ago, I lost all of it.

Maybe next week I will have the opportunity to access the gateway via ethernet and I may try to configure it on AWS again, then I send you the information.