Downlink data from ttn not appear on node rak5205

hi, im using RAK7205 and firmware RUI v3.0.0.12.H.T4, i try to send data(payload) from downlink ttn, why the data not appear on the serial port?

Assuming you have uplinks working, TTN will only send the downlink when the module performs an uplink.

Try it manually using the serial tool - it can take about 3 seconds for it to appear as the RX2 window is 2 seconds after the Tx.

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yess the uplink working. but downlink not… no data at all…

Have you tried this using the serial tool?

Did you note that downlinks ONLY arrive just after an uplink - they do not arrive just because it is queued in the console.

ok… iknow what my wrong… it about the forwarder i use wrong server address… thanks