DR_2 Not working (RAK3172 + RUI3)


On my RAK3172 breakout I’m testing various DR modes vs power consumption. I am running into an issue trying to set DR_2/1/0.

After joining I issue a

Serial.printf(“Set the data rate %s”, api.lorawan.dr.set(DR_2) ? “Success” : “Fail”);
Serial.printf(“Disable ADR %s”, api.lorawan.adr.set(false) ? “Success” : “Fail”);

The trouble I run into is that I see these messages on uplinks:

UPLINK: Send packet with size 32
UPLINK: Send failed

and on our Chirpstack side of things I see an empty packet in DR_2 come up:


If I set DR_3 or higher things work:

Is this a bug and/or expected?

What LoRaWAN region are you using?
(1) Packet size is limited depending on the selected data rate
(2) DR0 and DR1 are disabled for some regions when Dwell-Time is active

AS923 at the moment, AS915 sub 2 in the long run. I’m running these in NZ, I don’t think we have duty limits or dwell times here


AS923 has dwell time, unless you disable it on the LoRaWAN server. (from RP002-1.0.3 LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters)

The LoRaWAN server has to disable DwellTime with a MAC command sent to the device during/after join.

AS923 DR2 with Dwell-Time on allows only 19 bytes payload Maximum Transmission Load by Region

I am using AS923-3 and personal experience (not only with RUI3), dwell time is always enabled when I test with TTN or Chirpstack V4 LNS.

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Thanks! That explains it :slight_smile:

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