Duplicate messages from RAK7200

I’ve just updated to the latest firmware RAK7200 version:

As before I am seeing duplicate packets … is this me/my config or an error in the firmware?

And can anyone tell me what the other Analogue(9) (10) and (11) are … I changed Analogue(8) to Voltage as I am sure that’s what it is …

input 9,10 and 11 is the Magnetometer

input 8 is the battery sensor

I do not have any duplicate messages anymore after switching to:
at+set_config=lora:dr:3 = SF9 for EU

I’ll try that. Thanks!

Yes, fixed :slight_smile: Thanks!

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What has happened to Temperature and Pressure? I don’t see them being decoded in the TTN data monitor. Is the LPP still malformed?

There isn’t a temp/press sensor on the board available…

Agh :frowning: By design?? All of the docs say there is … but now I look I see

MPU9250 Init OK
LPS22HD not found!

Did they just decide to omit it, or was it a manufacturing issue, I wonder?

Thanks for all your help!


Hi @patmolloy,

There is no this sensor in rak7200 actually. It is just a wrong log, and you can ignore it.