Dwell time not showing in status of RAK4200

dwell time not showing in status of RAK4200

Device: RAK4200
Gateway: lora-net + chirpstack
name = “AS923”
uplink_dwell_time_400ms = true
downlink_dwell_time_400ms = true

After both uplink_dwell_time_400ms and downlink_dwell_time_400ms were set to true, joined the device, sent the 1st packet, and saw MAC command pushed to the device:

However, nothing related to ‘dwelltime’ is showing in the Device status:

Are these parameters just hidden or not supported by RAK4200 at all?

Hi @rcai ,

The dwell time is being handled under the LoRaWAN stack of RAK4200 but not shown in the status display :+1:

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Thanks for the confirmation.
I was able to verify that the dwell settings pushed from gateway did affect the maximum payload size of the subsequent uplink messages