End devices doesnt join to RAK7249 GW on Packet forwarder mode

Issue:End devices doesnt join to RAK7249 GW on Packet forwarder mode


LoRa® Server: Chirpstack / TTN

Details:Hi everyone,
i am using rak7249 gateway connect to TTN and Chirpstack but when i was using packet forwarder mode the end devices couldn’t join to server.
Packet Forwarder mode:

Second question: I couldn’t connect to chirpstack using basic station mode. i have complated TTN tutorial and then the gateway connect to server succesfully but i couldn’t find chirpstack connection tutorial.

hi @velev, can you help me?

Hi @Huseyin let’s first clarify the environment. Where is your ChirpStack deployed? Which version it is - V3 or V4?

hi @velev thanks for reply, i am using version V4. the chirpstack server deployed on our server and i am using public ip(url) for connection to chirpstack server. Firstly i tried connect to TTN using packet forwarder mode on RAK7249 gateway but the gateway connectted to TTN but my end devices(temperature sensor etc.) couldnt join to TTN(same scenario to chirpstack). However When i was using basic station mode on the gateway, the end device join to TTN succesfully. I have different lorawan gateway but i didnt get this error when using it same mode.

Beacon Setup: resim

@Huseyin based on your explanation, you might have issues with the used LoRaWAN and/or subband.
When using Basics Station forwarder the LNS manages the additional channels and subbands in the gateway. With the Packet Forwarder, they need to be pre-defined.
So what is your gateway LoRaWAN band/sub-band, your end device band/sub-band?

FYI: The beaconing is for Class B only. So not related here if you are in Class A or C.

I appreciate your support for your help. @velev my end devices join to server after i have changed to channel plan like this:

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