Error in RAK831 LoRaWAN Gateway Concentrator documentation?

According to
… pin 13 is used to reset SX1301.
Should this not be pin 19?

To reset the RAK831 LoRa concentrator board this script is used:

…as you can see GPIO17 is used.

If you look at the schema:

…GPIO17 is connected to pin 19 (1301_RESET).

Hi @robertlie,

The PIN 13 in the RAK831 document is RAK831 module’s PIN13.
But in the source code on Github, PIN 17 means RPi’s PIN 17.
Then, we you use RPi + RAK831, RAK831’s PIN13 will connect with RPi’s PIN 17.

Does this mean the schema is NOT correct?

Note: Script refers to GPIO17 which is physical pin 11 on Raspberry Pi 3.

Dear Robertlie,

The Schematic is correct.I think the description in RAK831 document is not correct.
The Schematic you showed is a transfer board which connects to RPi(by H1) and RAK831(by H2).
So RPi connector’s PIN11(GPIO17) will be connect to RAK831 connector’s PIN19(1301_RESET).

Jeff, thanks. This clarifies a lot.

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