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Can someone point me to the Error definition, I am getting LORA_STATUS_ERROR 80 while connecting to the gateway by rak811. I see the error in serial monitor but chip is working fine. I just want to understand and fix the error


The LoRa is busy, so that it can’t do more things now.

Do you have any other operations to send tx while the join is pending?

Thanks, I have no idea what you mean by sending tx, thanks for sharing. Is there any document explain errors and remedy ?

TX sends an up-row package (including a join or send data) on behalf of the node. Can you give me a screenshot of what you did before it appeared so as to make it clear?

Hi Nicholas,

I have not changed much the code, only few things, here is screenshot:

My Interrupt also is not working, I could not find any document or example related to interrupt, appreciated if you involve another team member to help me for that. I am just connecting VCC to pin 13 and I do not see any any wakup or interrupt routine call.

Hi @Telekonix
1.“Interrupt_IO.pin_num=Int_Pin” what is Int_Pin ?
This pin_num is pin number of the module.
2.The connection needs waiting time. After rui_lora_join(), I see you haven’t done any processing. I don’t know how to do the main loop of your main() function?It is convenient to send your app. cfile to my mailbox [email protected], I will help you have a look.
3.It is recommended to call RUI interface continuously. For stable reliability, it is better to judge whether each RUI interface is set successfully before calling the next one.

Sure, I will send by Email. I have not changed the original APP.c from Rackwireless github. main function hasn’t been changed…

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