Error using RAK4631 with 2 slot bases for IO(RAK19001 and RAK19011)

Currently I have my code running using RAK4631 and RAK 5005 however when I move the core to the RAK19001 or RAK19011 base, the code seems not to run and not open the COM port, however pressing the RST button twice to enter to DFU mode and loading the firmware works correctly even there if the COM port appears, and when I return the core to the RAK5005 base the code runs without any problem, the RAK19011 and RAK19001 bases are in perfect condition, I reaffirm that because when using the RAK11200 the code is executed without problems. Have you tried this combination of bases and the RAK4631? Is there any inconvenience for which the code is not executed with these bases?.

Welcome back to RAK forum @JorgeFG ,

By the looks of it, there was a disruption on the bootloader when you moved to the dual IO baseboard. Is the scenario repeatable? What is the bootloader version of your RAK4631?

On my setup with RAK4631 and RAK19011, I have no issue currently. My RAK19001 has issue now on the baseboard itself but as far as I remember, it was working ok before with RAK4631 as well.

Thank you for answering, it seems that it was the issue of a block due to the lack of eeprom in the base of 2 IO, although now the problem is that the RAK4631 gets too hot