Error with on line compiler

I was trying to compile the last github code app_RAK811.c but I can’t compile I have this error

_build/startup_stm32l151xba.o: In function LoopFillZerobss': /root/tmp_vdb/rak10004/RUI_V2.0-master/RUI/build/..//Source/stm/STML151/board/cmsis/startup_stm32l151xba.s:97: undefined reference to main’
_build/board.o: In function uart_data_recv_process': /root/tmp_vdb/rak10004/RUI_V2.0-master/RUI/build/..//Source/stm/STML151/board/board.c:537: undefined reference to rui_uart_recv’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
stm/Makefile_stm32l151cb:255: recipe for target ‘_build/stm_xx.elf’ failed
make: *** [_build/stm_xx.elf] Error 1


in the log

I just pulled the latest code from git and compiled it successfully.

RAK811 code url:
commit : 165f50823c82e84fc072f9fb9072b3059d4e1cf3

RAK811 code in dir Products_practice_based_on_RUI/based on RAK811/app_RAK811.
Compile command:

Hi @ZhuQI,

Thanks for you reply but I have the problem I dowload today the file app_RAK811.c and I have the same error

I put this

and in the folder only have the .log file with the error

Thanksand sorry for my english

Please put app_RAK811.c in the application folder and compile it.

Hi, @ZhuQI

Thanks it compiles now

Hi, @ZhuQI,
I am able to compile 811-H app file.
After Flashing Bin file using

Flash Loader Demostrator Version 2.8.0

I am not able to see any debug print in serial port.


Please update newest bootloader first,then flash the 811-H app file.
newest bootloader:
flash bootloader tool:
Flashing Bin file tool:
operate step refer: