Example Code for Wisblock Display RAK14014

Is there any example code to be found to run the Wisblock Display 14014
And why is this quite new device not any more in the Shop available ?

Best regards, Peter Kuemmerli

Hello @Luppi

You can find the TFT display in our store here.

Example code for touch screen
Example code for TFT display
Combined TFT & touch screen example

Hello Bernd
many thanks for Your fast reply and the links !
Over the Wiesblock tutorial i could not find those example codes, the same with the Arduino Examples-> WisBlock Examples path…

If you have such great experience, in the Forum i have posted a second question about volume control of the WisBlock Audio Amplifier 18060 it works perfect to play WAV out of the SD Card, but allways on full amplification, i tried everything, perhaps You can give me a hint how to solve this problem ?

Many thanks an a nice day wishes Peter


We should add the links to the doc pages.

Glad I could help. But for the Audio modules, I never used them, so I am not much help there. @Colla, who answered you there, is actually the one of us who did the most with Audio.

Hi Bernd
Unfortunately in the last months i had no luck to get the audio Amplifiers to run as expected with the RAK demo Code. Also got no answer from Mr. Colla about this topic.
I think it’s best to look for other hardware then RAK for our university projects, perhaps something from Arduino itself.

Many thanks and best regards