Example Implementation for Amazon Sidewalk w/ GPS + Cellular fallback with Rak4631

So as I was picking through the Amazon Sidewalk example code, I noticed that only environmental sensors are impemented.

I’ve been looking for a low powered gps tracking solution that would have the option for cellular fall back when out of range and I thought that a wisblock system with sidewalk connectivity would be a great option.

Is there anybody who has implemented something like this that would be willing to share?

@beegee, I know you’re incredibly busy, but I was wondering if you could suggest some helpful resources for putting something like this together?

Welcome back to the forum @jbpetersen12

Unfortunately I have no reference for a Sidewalk example that implements a location tracker. You might look into Nordic resources, they might have something.

Sidewalk applications are written (must be written) in Zephyr and I am not familiar with that at all.

I’m in the same boat unfortunately. Thank you for your quick response!

Environmental sensors are implemented in the example code (above)? But it is not Zephyr?

What makes you think it is not Zephyr?
The whole code is based on Zephyr.