Example program for Point to Point RAK811 in RUI


Is there any example program for Point to Point (P2P) in RUI for RAK811 module.


I am sorry to tell you that there is no example code about P2P, only through AT to achieve.
You can refer to API documentation:

Hi @mamanbudiman,

This is the source code of RAK811 official firmware Application:

It is LoRaWAN by default, but you can modify the source code in app_RAK811.c, especially the following points:


Hello @Fomi, @Nicholas

Thanks for your reply.
I have implemented low power LoRaWAN on RAK811 in RUI, properly.
I get 12 microAmp current. I am also implemented my sensor on this RAK811, using interrupt.

However, the current consumption of the sensor is about 3.5 miliAmp. To decrease the
current consumption, I plan to powering the sensor with one of the digital output of RAK811.
The sampling rate of the output should be about 100 milli-second.

Do you have any suggestion what the operation mode for this use case ?
Is it possible to turn-on/turn-off your RUI Lorawan sub-system just before the update period ?

the update-period is very long time. It can be once or twice in a day.

I have tried in RUI LoRaWAN OTAA, but failed. So, I want to try in RUI P2P.


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Hi @mamanbudiman,

Do you mean that you want to do something, but it is hard to do it in LoRaWAN mode, so you want to change the work mode from LoRaWAN to LoRa P2P mode before doing something, right?
If it is, you can use this RUI API to change the work mode to LoRa P2P:
Surely, after doing something, you can use this RUI API to change the work mode back to LoRaWAN too.

Thank you @Fomi.
I use timer to wake-up the MCU at 100 ms period.
Is it possible to turn off the print message “Go to sleep”, “wake-up” ?

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