Example using deep sleep of RAK 13000

Hello, I’m looking for an example where the RAK11300 goes into deep sleep mode, however on GitHub I didn’t find it.
If you can send a link with an example I would be very grateful.

We have no example for RAK11300 deep sleep.
The closest might be RAK11310-RAK1906 where I use Mbed osSignal to stop the main loop until a signal is sent (by interrupt or timer).

Are there any plans for support of sleep mode with the RP2040? Would really make it awesome!

I agree, that would be really useful in some scenarios.

We are using the ArduinoCore-mbed as BSP, we only patch it to support our WisBlock Core module.
If they implement sleep support, we will implement it as well.

Thanks @beegee
I see that ArduinoCore-mbed uses the normal PicoSDK, and not pico-extra which currently has the deep deep sleep. I guess we’ll have to wait!