Example using deep sleep of RAK 13000

Hello, I’m looking for an example where the RAK11300 goes into deep sleep mode, however on GitHub I didn’t find it.
If you can send a link with an example I would be very grateful.

We have no example for RAK11300 deep sleep.
The closest might be RAK11310-RAK1906 where I use Mbed osSignal to stop the main loop until a signal is sent (by interrupt or timer).

Are there any plans for support of sleep mode with the RP2040? Would really make it awesome!

I agree, that would be really useful in some scenarios.

We are using the ArduinoCore-mbed as BSP, we only patch it to support our WisBlock Core module.
If they implement sleep support, we will implement it as well.

Thanks @beegee
I see that ArduinoCore-mbed uses the normal PicoSDK, and not pico-extra which currently has the deep deep sleep. I guess we’ll have to wait!

Hello, I found a function that claims to improve consumption, but as I don’t have access to equipment to measure consumption and check if this function really improves, it’s not certain that it works. If anyone can verify this, it would be very helpful.

The function itself is: void sleep_ms(uint32_t ms);
This function is from the time.h library, present in the framework-arduino-mbed.