Expected Range for RAK811 module with RAK7258 gateway


RAK811 (Ver module;
EU868, TTN 8 channel (DR0-5), Default DR: 5, ADR:off, pwr_level: 0(max), OTAA

What is the expected range for RAK811 module(e.g. Wisnode Lora) with RAK7258 indoor Gateway?

Open area ?
Dens city ?
Data rates from DR:0(SF12BW125) to DR:5(SF7BW125)

Sorry I am disapointed in my test !

What were the results of your test?


The antenna is very importan factor for range testing.
For RAK811, we have ever tested it with RAK7243(RPi gatewat) using a small antenna, and the result is 2~3KM.
But when we used a 3dbi big glass-fiber for RAK811, and the gateway is RAK7249 which is a outdoor gateway with a big glass-fiber antenna too, the result is more than 34KM.

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Which antenna comes with the RAK 811 and RAK 7258 as compared to your test examples? How can I optimize or replace the RAK 811 and RAK 7258 antennas for best transmission/reception in dense urban environments/buildings?

Is this the Glass Fibre antenna you used? https://www.amazon.com/Gateway-Antenna-Reinforced-Distance-Transmission/dp/B07HCCLGFC/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=lora+antenna&qid=1578547993&sr=8-3

Hi @Amelia244,

By default, RAK811 and RAK7258 will be sent out with a small antenna, so if you want to get a long range result, you should use better antenna.
You can have a look at RAK online store to find more details:

Yes, this is a better antenna too.

Hi, @Amelia244, @Fomi

RAK7258 and Wisnode Lora (RUI_RAK811_V3.0.0.12.H.T_Release.bin)
With the original antennas.

Worked like a couple of kilometers indoor, maybe greater.

Hi @leanofis,

Thanks for your sharing! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your responses. As the antennas offered in your store appear to be the same for all LoRa frequencies, is there a way to further enhance range between my RAK 7258 Gateway and RAK 811 Nodes, specifically for dense urban US915 indoor building environments? For example, online tutorials show that taking the plastic cover off helps, or slightly cutting the length of the internal antenna helps move the optimal range upwards towards US915. Suggestions?

Also, would best non modified/custom result be if I purchased the fiberglass antenna for both the 7258 Gateway and each Node?