Expected Range of RA7243 Pro gateway

Hi all,

I was wondering what was the expected Range of this gateway, it’s sitting inside a waterproof box, with a reasonably large external antenna, at around 30 feet high.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

You might want to add some details of ambient conditions, for any useful replies.

We are operating in Urban India and with Indian Bands varies between half a kilometer to 1 kilometer depending on the device antenna and the rf power levels.

Hi. As @gettogupta points you have to share where this will stand?
What antenna is to be used, which end device, LoS or rural area?

We will deploy the gateway in a rural environment. Our tests so far (Being deployed in an industrial complex outside urban areas) give us a max range of about 1500m. This was kind of disappointing for us, as we tested with another gateway and reach as much as 7km of range.

We are on the AU915 Bands, using a Barracuda OMB.915.B08F21 915MHz 8dBi Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna. Power is as much as we can squeeze out of the nodes, 18.5 dBm for our RN2903 nodes and 20dBm for our RFM95 ones.

Hm… strange range. Are you using RAK latest image for RAK7243 Gateway?

Indeed. But one thing I forgot to mention is that our antenna stood 10m high. Maybe this would be the main factor to consider?

Hm… you mean 10m pigtail cable? Can you give some specification of this cable?

Yes, our cable was 5m long. Should I be worried?

EDIT: I’ve gathered more information about the cable. We’re using 4m of RG 400 cable.

The cable seems good one. Did you make the connectors or they were on the cable already?
In rural areas it is good for the antenna to be high as possible.
What power supply is used?

Power supply is the one that comes with the gateway. So I’m assuming is capable of running it.

Also the cable was assembled in-house.

We’re advancing to a proper farm field test. I’ll be back with updates on the results.

Sure, please keep us updated.