Factory Reset RAK7249


Is it possible to perform a factory reset of the 7249 - I restored a config and it hasn’t come back on the network.

I need to resurrect it.



What is the state of recovery? What kind of recovery did you do?

You can restore your gateway by long pressing the reset button.
You need to press the reset button for more than 6s and then release it.
If you can access the web console of the gateway, you can also reset it by the following method.

@Nicholas after a few power cycles and a longer than typical wait, it came back on the network.

@yutao I assume the reset switch is next to the SIM/TF slots. Thankfully don’t need it now but good to know. I’ve also found it in the docs: https://doc.rakwireless.com/datasheet/rakproducts/board-interface

With thanks

I’d like to reset my RAK7249 to factory defaults, but can’t access the web interface and don’t have easy physical access to the gateway.

How can I reset the gateway from an SSH session?

Refer to this document:https://doc.rakwireless.com/datasheet/rakproducts/board-interface

This method requires a disassembly operation, if you did not disconnect its cable or wireless, you can connect through the web, but I do not know what you did?

Yes. The ssh port 22 is opened. default user / password is root / root .

Not sure about that box in general, but to get an idea of the sort of mechanism that might be there you could read the generic OpenWRT info at


the basic idea being to force a re-initialization of the overlay journal where customizations are stored

Definitely your own risk if you decide to try this!