Feature request RAK5005-O WisBlock Base Board

I’m using J10, J11, J12 to connect an external i2c sensor to the wisblock. Taking power from VDD on J12 means the sensor is always on.


It would be nice if there was a header with 3V3_S on the RAK5005.

For now I think I’ll solder a wire to pin 2 and 3 of U5.

Thanks for sharing your idea @jpmeijers . It makes sense :+1:

What do you think @beegee ?

Btw @jpmeijers , you can also consider using RAK5804 RAK5804 WisBlock Interface Extension Module | RAKwireless Documentation Center to avoid doing soldering wires if you have this module. You need to relocate the resistor jumpers though on 3V3 to 3V3_S.

That’s from R3 to R4.


Yes, 3V3_S on a header pin would be helpful. We will take this into consideration when we make the big Base board.

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