Fine timestamp lose accuracy in some packets

Hi there,
I’m using a RAK831 concentrator over a raspberry pi 3. After some code changes which I found in this forum, I achived to improve the accuracy of the field “time” into the gateway ( I have an accuracy of nanoseconds). So far, so good.
The problem that I’ve found out in some packets ( around 20% of them) is that packets lose 3 digits of accuracy. These packets have 000 in the last 3 digits. I know that it could be a possibility, but it happens often, so I’m sure there is another problem there.

Packet with 9 digits accuracy:

Packet with 6 digits accuracy:


Thanks for any hint!

Hello,rak831 uses sx1301 chip, which supports microseconds.

So why do I have some packets with nanosecond? I have the GPS module enabled, I believe that GPS increase the time accuracy to nanoseconds, right?

Does RAK7243 support fine timestamps for geolocation?, I read this post, about RAK7243, and a time accuracy of nanoseconds is achieved, and that gateway uses sx1301 chip too.

Sorry, that was my mistake.

The time accuracy obtained by modifying the code is not accurate at the nanosecond level.