Fine Timestamping with SX1303

Has anyone successfully achieved the fine timestamping using sx1303 concentrators and RPI?
If so which modules did you use and what setup did you follow?
I’m considering the RAK5164 with RPI 4 but I have not been able to find any articles with successful attempts at achieving geolocation through fine timestamping.

Hi @SmartHerder for fine timestamping the concentrator needs to be with GPS or with provided PPS signal from GPS. The GPS antenna should be outside or closer to a windows to have good signal. The geolocation based on TDoA can not be achieved with a single gateway - you need at least 3 gateways to receive the LoRa message to be able to have estimation of its location.
One starting point will be the ChirpStack LNS and its integration with the LoRa Cloud from semtech - LoRa Cloud - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation
If you are looking for something more opensource, you can look at this Git from Collin Crowell - GitHub - ccrowell44/LoRa-Geolocation

Hi @velev thank you for the links it gives me confidence knowing that there are supporting documents. I understand that you need three gateways for location but is it still possible to get the distance between a single gateway and note?