Firmware customizing documentation

Hi all,

I’m using RAK5205 module and trying to customize its firmware based on product practice based on RUI. But, I don’t know how to edit the code of the firmware according to my project. Is there an examples or documentation that I can refer to?


Hi. You can see here
RAK5205 is based on RAK811.

Hi @velev,

I want build a firmware only send the value of acceleration and temperature to TTN. I also want the interval of sensors data transmitted every single second. It is possible?

Hi @Abdul_Hadi,

Yes, it can be done surely using RUI API.

Hi @Fomi,

I’m a newcomer and trying to edit the firmware code. But I don’t know how to write the firmware with the RUI API format. Can you guide me how to use the RUI API format in coding?

Hi @Abdul_Hadi,

You want to use RAK5205, so you can refer to our example source code here:

You can think that our official firmware for RAK5205 is compiled by using this example source code with RUI SDK. So you can customize your own firmware based on our example source code, then compile it using RUI online compiler:

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