Firmware modification


I have RAK7205, and I’m trying to modify the firmware of the RAK5205 board.
One of the modifications that I want to make is to add my country to the LoRaWAN region list, or at least change one of the similar region files.(I know that it’s possible to do it, I talked to Semtech about it). I need to do so in matter to fit in with the country regulations(unfortunately, it doesn’t fit any other region).

Trying to solve this topic, I started looking in the RUI online compiler. The files that I’m intending to change are not files that I can upload to the online compiler, in fact they are pre-define in it. there for I’m looking if there is any way to compile the files in my computer, using the online compiler or any other compilers, and change the wanted files(such as region.h/.c US915.h/.c etc…).

I’m open to any other suggestions.
I tried to ask for the compiler from RAK, its not available for now.


Hei @iaomari93,

Perhaps @Fomi can assist in adding your region to the channel plans supported by RUI.
Fomi would that be doable?


Hey @Hobo,
If that’s possible it would be great.

@Fomi, in case, let me know what should I provide you.

Thank you.
Ibrahim Omari

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