Firmware update for the RAK5202 Wistrio node


I am trying to update the firmware for the RAK5202 Wistrio node through STM Flash loader.

However, I am still stuck with the same issue.

“No response from the target, the boot loader can not be started”.
Please veriry the boot mode configuration"

Please note that I have reset several time the node.

Could you please tell me how we can solve this issue.

Thanks & regards

Hi, @phenix

Please see this document section 6.4:

By now, you need to do this when you want to upgrade the firmware. In the future, we will add a bootloader for it, then you can upgrade the firmware without jumping.

Hi @Fomi

Thank you very much for you prompt reply.
In order to make sure that jumper connection are correct, could you please share some pictures on how I should proceed.


Hi, @phenix

I have paste a picture to show how to jump it. Please check the red box of the picture in my last reply or the document.

hi @Fomi,

Sorry, but I am new in the field.
I saw your picture, but it’s not clear how we should make the connection with the jumper.
That is why I ask you if you can provide me a more detail pictures, please.

Thanks for your understanding.

Connect them with a jumper:

There is another couple need to be connected with a jumper too, you can do according the above picture shows. In this picture, we have connected them already.