Firmware update

Good Morning.

I have a rak5205 and with firmware version I could turn off the gps with the command at+set_config=device:gps:0

Now with version the answer to this command is an ok but the gps is still running.

I am doing something wrong?

Why do I not receive the BME280 sensor gas data since version 3?

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Another thing that happens to me in version is that it wakes up before the time of a new shipment and the GPS gives me an error.

As nobody has answered my questions I have returned to version that does not have all these failures.

Hope this information is helpful.


Hello @moises,

Thank you for the feedback we will investigate and try to replicate the issue. Will keep you posted.


Hello @moises
There is no problem with BME680 sensor in . But I can confirm that there is problem with GPS Close command. We will ticket this bug.


I did not say that the BME680 sensor had problems.
I said that it did not indicate the level of gas in versions 3.x.x.x

With versions 2.x.x.x in addition to the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure indicated the level of gas in ohms.

It would be interesting to use all the information that sensor can provide.

Don’t you think?


I see the same issue with firmware, GPS fix fails after wake up from sleep and GAS is missing from BME680, tested on two 5205 boards delivered last week.

Hi @lx3kr and @moises

Yes BME gas functions is good one. Software team has some issues due to problem in Bosch libraries.
Maybe in some of next releases will be turn on again.

@lx3kr yes, i can confirmed that GPS after version have problems with sleep,wake cycles.
We have bug ticket this and will be fixed soon.


Thank you for the quick response, it would be perfect if you send the IAQ instead of the value in ohms.

I hope they solve the issues soon.


Thanks for the prompt reply Todor, looking forward to the next release.

Best regards,

Karl (aka LX3KR)

I also experienced the issues with gps on
This triggered me to also look at the schematics and i noticed that -at least in the schematics that i could find- the V_BCKP pin of the gps module is not connected. According to the datasheets it can (should) be either connected to the VCC of the gps module (V_BCKP not powered when GPS_3V3 is off); or connected to a backup voltage (V_BCKP powered even when GPS_3V3 is off), which could be VCC_3V3 on the board.
If i understand correctly the latter case would enable a quicker fix since the ram on the gps module is still powered, at the cost of around 15 microA of additional always on current.

Has it been a specific design choice not to connect V_BCKP ?
Thanks for looking into this!