Fly Link Pro RAK5676

I just saw on AliExpress the NEW RAK5676. I use the RAK5675, but the receiver has just died.

So I want a new one. This new set is about the same as the old one, but in the specs i see it can also transmit INTERLACED video. I wonder if this is true. The old RAK5675 was Progressive only.

And what about HDCP encoding. I need to connect the receiver to a monitor (not a TV) and/or a video switcher. I need to convert the HDMI to SDI to get a picture. Does this one have this issue too?

Or is there a model with SDI connection? That would be even better.

Can anyone help me with this? I need a new one fast!

Hi @rambouzi,

Sorry I will no be helping, however I wanted to ask you a question cause what you said seems interesting to be, as I am new to this. Why would you need to transmit interlaced video?



Hi Vladisslav,

I have a Blackmagic switcher and a Blackmagic Hyperdeck. The Hyperdeck can only record interlaced video. I can convert the progressive video, but i don’t like that.

Also I have other camera’s that are only interlaced. Obviously the end result is often going to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, and is being converted to 50p.

I want to use the transmitter on this interlaced camera. So I don’t need a converters on that camera.

Also at the moment the video standers for television in the Netherlands is still interlaced. MXF-HD-Op-1a 50i.

So I want te be able to use both 50p as 50i

Does this make any sense?? :grimacing:

Thanks for your reply