For LTE Latency Problem-RAK7243C

Hi, everyone. Recently, we are trying to implement RAK7243C gateway with LORIOT LNS. However, in our configuration, we found that the LTE latency is too high, which is more than 7000ms. How could I solve this problem. CMHK and 3hk are our ISPs, which are LTE SIM cards.
Besides, is there any methodology to register into LORIOT platform quickly. Many thanks for all you guys help.

Are your sure that’s the LTE network itself and not some mulit-step process of a particular data operation?

Eg, from the gateway’s pi Linux shell, if you ping a host or pull a web page or ssh into something, you see 7 second delays?

I could see that kind of delay happening occasionally, but wouldn’t expect it to be an ordinary situation.

Hello @yucheng1993

You need to enter the ATI command through minicom to get the model of the LTE module, the first few characters are its model number.

The following figure is the information about the LTE frequency bands supported by the corresponding models. You can consult your SIM card operator to see if they support these frequency bands. Maybe, your card uses a GPRS network.