Forwarding Raw Lora Packets with UDP Packet Forwarder

Hi all,

as far as I have learned the Semtech UDP Forwarder forwards any message, as long as CRC filters are set/reset, however, this does not seem to work and I wonder if I am missing something:
I use a RAK7248 Gateway, based on the RAK2287. I have configured the packet forwarder to send UDP messages to my pc via ethernet and set the forwarder to forward all packets, even with wrong crc. I do get LoRaWAN messages from nodes nearby but plain LoRa messages are not forwarded over UDP.

Is there any other filtering done? I have seen that the 2287 library does not feature the util_pkt_logger any more - that is what I would have liked to try.

I have an application where minimal lora frame size is required for maximum range and data integrity and only want to receive on one site so dropping the WAN part really helps with size.

Any knowledge/leads appreciated, thank you!