Free GPIO ports on RAK7244 LTE

I need to use 6 free GPIOs from on the 7244 (LTE version).
I see that 32,22,13,26 are free but I need 2 more.
Are 16,18 (Reserved for GPS TX/RX) in use?
or maybe 19/21/23 ? are they used for the SX1301 ?

Hi @sagis ,

It is not possible to use 6 free pins on RAK7244C unless it is not without LTE(RAK7244).

Thanks @Nikola .
We update the design and can make it with 4 GPIOs but if I’m using the rak2287 + rak2013 there are only 3 free GPIOs - GPIO13, GPIO19, GPIO27
Is there any other free GPIO in that HW configuration that I missed?

Hi @sagis,
Actually, GPIO19 is used by RAK2287’s SPI, so this one is not free.
But GPIOs 33,35 are NC on both 2287 and 2013 so I guess you can use these.
Best Regards