Frequency/channel support - wishful thinking

I have a RAK7246 EU868 on my shelf and revisiting the docs it’s not totally clear if the concentrator is fixed or tuned to different regions or if it can cope across a range.

I’d really like to quickly test US915 with a Murata module. I know the antenna tuning will be out, it’s more about ensuring the firmware on the module is co-operating.

I’ve taken the unit apart and I’ve seen the traditional resistor next to the EU868 label, but as I say, the data sheet sort of implies that the module may be able to cover a wider range.

So, question, is this likely to work?

If not, if I buy some US915 gateways, will they work with AU915? And do these run to AU923?

Before anyone worries about my legal liabilities, I do have a big tin box with some high quality tight chain link to try this out in and I can dial down the power so I don’t think I’ll be in harms way with testing.

Hei Nick,

Should be same as the rest from RAK. Tuned to the 860MHz, won’t work with 900Mhz. Filters are different, so it is business as usual as with the rest of the RAKs.
The US915 will work with anything in the 900MHz for LoRa, so AS923, AU915, etc.