Fried RAK V2 Miner

Hi- so I have a hypothetical question and I’m looking for guidance.

I have a Rak V2 miner and I fried the Raspberry Pi that powers it. If I were to say disassemble all of the lorawan hats off the pi board install a new board that powers up and put the rak hat back on that board, would that do the trick?

I don’t feel like paying another 1,000 dollars for a whole new miner and if I can simply replace the board, I would like to do that. The actual Pi unit doesn’t appear to be modded in anyway besides having the Rak unit clipped on it which can be easily attached to a new operational board.

You are correct, it is a regular Pi 4, replacing it, assuming it is the faulty component will bring back the miner.

Salut. Poti sa ne lași o poza cu minerul tău raspberry?