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I am doing a test with 1 LoRaWAN Gateway (RAK7249) and 1 EndNode (RAK811). Following that, I wanted to know if there are possible ways for a Class A end-device (RAK811) to know if the gateway is down?

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In the perspective RAK811, there is no way to know if the gateway is down. Probably if you fail to join multiple times or fail to get downlink for confirmed packets, you can assume the gateway is down. Only assume. But there is really no way to know if a certain gateway is up or down from the device side.

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I understand your point. In fact, I asked this question during the Things Conference yesterday, for the Q&A I asked the question. below is the snapshot of TTN response. as per them, we need to check for the LinkCheck MAC, do you have any idea of how to do this check please on the RAK811 or other end nodes such as RAK4270, RAK4200 & RAK3172?

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LinkCheck still uses a downlink packet. It is not available on old modules based on RUI V2 firmware, but on RAK3172, you can use it.

Please have a look on item number 3 on this article - RAK3172 Overlooked but Useful LoRaWAN® AT Commands

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