Gateway Configuration - Physical layer

Hi Guys,

Recently, i am trying to change receive sensitiviy and transmission power of the RAK 7244 gateway. Do you know how to manually modify these type of configurations?
I mean:

  • How to change the receive sensitivity threshold (UL in LoRaWAN)?
  • How to play with the transmission power (DL in LoRaWAN)?

Thanks in advance!

This is not adjustable, nor would there even be any reason to want to adjust it, since the only sort of adjustment possible would be to make it artificially worse.

Unlike say FM voice, LoRa doesn’t use a “squelch” threshold - rather a valid preamble of LoRa modulation itself is detected.

This is commanded by the network server, not chosen by the gateway.

However the gateway should be configured with calibration for the antenna in use, so that the commanfed power is the actual radiated power. Traditionally this is in the global_conf.json or local_conf.json