Gateway D4H Rak7248 - Quickstart

Hi all!
Can someone help me starting with Wisgate D4H (7248 developer gateway?)
This is the quickstart. RAKwireless Documentation Center
But, nothing said about configuration, ssh access, etc… I’ve spent 2 hours for finding documentation without success… What’s the ip address of this product? DHCP wasn’t enable… What’s the password of the network wifi generated by device?

Unless you are going Helium, the Pi3/Pi4 based gateways use the same Pi image, so one of the other ones should get you started, like this:

Hi @ciclonite,
Apologies for the confusion. As Nick said, you can use this guide for reference about the quickstart: RAKwireless Documentation Center
Best Regards

@Nikola @nmcc Thanks for reply. Ok, i’ll use those instructions!
Have a nice day.