Gateway RAK7240

(varun) #1

@Hobo @fomi
i purchased gateway RAK7240 .
i’m not able to configure it
please help me how to do.

(Fomi Tong) #2

@yutao @Steven
Please help.

(Steven Tang) #3

please check this user guide .

it is also working with RAK7420 .

and i also reply you message in another topic .

(varun) #4

network is undefined
without LTE antenna i can access internet via LTE

(Steven Tang) #5

I need the following info to check /
1, where are you from ? and what APN name are you set?
2,what the firmware version of your gateway ? you can get the info from the overview page .

(Vladislav Yordanov) #6

Hi @varun,
Did you just ask if you can access the LTE network without an LTE antenna ?

(varun) #7

thank you , gateway is going on