Gateway (RAK7249) to MQTT Server (Using protocol MQTT)

We (me and my group) are trying to implement a system LoRa-Gateway-MQTT Server, as show in the PICTURE 1.

Our comunication between LoRa and the gateway is working, our MQTT server is working. But we can’t figure out how to integrate de gateway with the MQTT server. We simply have no ideia on how to configure the adress for our MQTT server and the varibles on the gateway. We think that the fields for this configuration is in Global Integration (MQTT Topic Template Setup), as show in the PICTURE 2.

But we don’t know the correct syntax for the TOPIC and PAYLOAD and in what field these informations must be insert.

We are using the app Automate (With MQTT Publisher) to send data (to check if the problem is with server) to our MQTT Server by LAN network.

The configuration that we are using is show in the PICTURE 3.

And this method works, our data is being received on MQTT Server.

The question is, in short, how to declare these variables and in what field inside the RAK7249 to do the communication between Gateway and MQTT Server?

Thanks for your atention.

I could have sworn I posted a request here to not use up the volunteers bandwidth by double-posting on TTN as well as here. But it seems to have disappeared. Odd.

PS, I provided a solution on the TTN forum

Thanks! I already sent a message to a moderator to exclude the message on TTN forum.

I’ll look with more atention to the guide that you send. I’t seems that will help.

I read the MQTTT confguration more than once, but i’m still having doubts. Can you help me?

My Join Topic: { “applicationID”: “2”, “applicationName”: “TesteConexao”, “deviceName”: “kugkhjh”, “devEUI”: “00299645865875a9”}

My Uplink Topic: { “applicationID”: “2”, “applicationName”: “TesteConexao”, “deviceName”: “kugkhjh”, “devEUI”: “00299645865875a9” “rxInfo”: [{“gatewayID”: “b1383c”, “data”: “stringT”}]}

I don’t know if the syntax is corret and i don’t know on how to send the playload to a string named stringT on the MQTT Server.

Your format doesn’t really match the documentation:

And you are not sending anything to anything. You are publishing some topics. Then the other end, the client, subscribes to the topics.

Thanks again for your answer! This is my point, the documentation is not helping at all.

Here, look at the guide that you send me:

I used this screen to guide me and now you say that is not this way…

I never sent you a guide. I pointed you to the official documentation which tells you how to setup the MQTT topics.

Further, I’ve just attached a screen shot of the relevant section.