Gateway sending messages to AWS IoTCore but visible on WisDM?

Can a single RAK gateway be connected to both AWS IoTCore and WisDM?

RAK7240 is connected to AWS IoTCore. But can I also add that same gateway to WisDM for monitoring it’s status (but not traffic?)

LoRa® Server:

I have a few RAK7240 gateways set up as a private network, connecting using Basics Station to the LNS in our AWS IoTCore account.

I would like to be able to monitor the status of each gateway (i.e. is it connected to the LNS, how many messages is it handling etc.) but to do this, can I also connect that same gateway to RAK’s WisDM platform for monitoring, whilst it connects to AWS IoTCore for the actual LoRa traffic?

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Yes, you can connect the gateway to a LoRaWAN server and use WisDM to manage it. WisDM is only a gateway management tool.

I managed to connect a RAK7240 to AWS IoT-Core as the LNS and WisDM to monitor/manage the gateway, but I had to specify the CUPS endpoint from AWS in WisDM when adding this gateway to my location in WisDM. Previously, the RAK7240 was configured with the LNS endpoint in AWS.

I then tried this on another two RAK7240 gateways, but failed to get them to connect (i.e. show up as online) in WisDM, even though I (think that I) followed the same steps.

But at least I know it works for one! I will try again to add my other gateways to WisDM.