Gateway to Gateway communication


I need help to connect two gateways in a such a way that one gateway (Gateway A) receives packets from the nodes and send all the packets to Other gateway (Gateway B) which has all the servers and necessary softwares to visualize the data. Any suggestions please

That’s not really a recommended configuration.

One of the problems with be the challenge of supporting inbound traffic on typical Internet plans. You may need to use a VPN or similar.

The far better approach is to run the servers and recorded data in the cloud or in traditional infrastructure, and have both your gateways and your data visualization terminals make outbound requests to that.

If you solve the Internet routing issue, running services on a pi isn’t that fundamentally different in terms of install process than running them the recommended way on a cloud instance, it’s just less powerful, less reliable, and has that routing issue…

Gateway A has no internet connection. Any possibility to communicate them on radio link

Relaying is the kind of theoretical possibility you’re not going to find practical support of in the software of current products - I can’t even recall hearing of any other brand with that, either.

If you want to try something, you can build the gateway software from sources with whatever customizations you like - but it won’t be simple.

Among the challenges are that a gateway that’s (re)transmitting can’t hear any uplink packets while its doing so, and in many locations/bands/modes you also have channel occupancy duty cycle limits.

Thanks, I will try to find a solution in this regards.