Gateway to Modbus

Hi everyone.
is there any gateway that can output data into RS485?


Welcome to RAK forum @FariqGhani ,

There is no LoRaWAN gateway that has modbus by default (at the moment). But it doesn’t mean it is not possible.

One way to do it is use WisGate Connect and plug in it a WisBlock RS485 module.

You can setup a Chirpstack LNS and integrate to it via MQTT.

Then on WisGate Connect, you can use Node-Red to handle the exchange of information from and to the LNS via MQTT sub/pub.

This can be a reference for that -

Hi @carlrowan ,
Thanks for your reply.

I forgot to mention, I mean Modbus TCP here when I mention Modbus.

I have board: ESP32 + RAK3172 + RS485 (modbus RTU). WIth WiFi in ESP32, we can use Modbus TCP. Im have example code convert MQTT to Modbus TCP, can configure IP static, use power 5-35V DC or USB type C, upload code via USB type C.
If you need it, please contact me: [email protected]
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