Get date-time on RAK5010

I try to get the actual time on the RAK5010.
But GNSS/GPS & Network do not return correct date-time.
with AT+QGPSLOC? the bg96 returns me something like:

+QGPSLOC: 175737.0,52.526258,13.408327,1.5,66.0,2,0.00,0.0,0.0,2

So the <UTC>,<latitude>,<longitude>,<hdop>,<altitude>,<fix>,<cog>,<spkm>,<spkn> looks good. But the last number (2) looks like ,<nsat> and so the <date> information is missing.


  • Board: RAK5010
  • Dev-Setup: Visual-Studio-Code + Arduino

Has anyone any idea why I do not get the date from GPS (like described in the ?

Or has anyone suggestions how to get the date-time (with a simple approach) ?

Hi, because of the rx buffer of serial on Arduino is limited. If it is over 64 bytes, the latter will miss. You can change the buffer to 128. It is in ArduinoData\packages\adafruit\hardware\nrf52\0.21.0\cores\nRF5\RingBuffer.h


change to

This can be added to the top of the sketch and will override without having to mess up the board support files which will be overwritten on each update.

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Thanks, the SERIAL_BUFFER_SIZE solved the issue !

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