Getting error in keil software installation

Hi to all team members,

I am using Wis trio Lora tracker RAK5205 board for development purpose which have STM32L1 ARM Cortex m3 low power microcontroller. So reply me with solution for following queries:

  1. Which compiler/IDE is used to write a firmware.
  2. I have install latest Keil uvision 5.25 and also update all packs. But than also i am getting eror -> “project requires ARM Toolchain which is not installed”. Can you please suggest me the solution how to find and install toolchain.

Thanks and regards,

Hi @Alluvium_2019

For now Keil is the only option to edit and compile the firmware for RAK5205. There is workaround for AC6 FreeSTM32 IDE but it will take some time.
The ARM toolchain can be found on the RAK website here GCC ARM Toolchain.
In the RAKWireless Git you will found the latest source code and compiled bins RAKWireless Git RAK5205.

Todor Velev