Getting RAKWireless 7200 GPS Tracker to communicate with Dragino Gateway Server

Looking for instructions.

What is a “Dragino Gateway Server”?

Like RAK, Dragino also makes gateways, but unlike RAK they make not only “real” gateways but also fake “single channel” gateways that use a node-radio rather than a gateway radio and so impose severe limitations and require special accommodation in the node firmware. So one critical piece of information would be which exact gateway model - if it is not one that uses an actual gateway radio, it may not really be compatible.

The other part of your post is the “gateway server”. Gateways are not traditionally servers. Yes, some of the RAK gateways come with a copy of LoRaServer onboard as a sort of “complete demo in one box” but traditionally a gateway would be pointed at an external server, for example in the cloud. Ultimately, regardless of where it is running, what matters is the identity and nature of the server, which you have not specified.