Getting the rak2287 to send beacons (Basic station)

I can t see how I make the gateway send beacon to make tests for class B

I m using rakpios, and rak2287 (spi-with-gps inteface) with raspberry 4, i m deploying the service BasicStation with rakpios-cli interface

ttn europe

I managed to make the gateway working in ttn using this video ( in the rakwireless youtube channel
I configure in the ttn the support for class B for the device and all the info (perdiodicity of ping slots …), but I don t see any beacons sent in the log of the basic station, so I suppose there must be a configuration to activate this parameter, but I don t see in the tool rakpios-cli how to enable the sending of beacons in the basic station service configuration. I don t know if there is a way to add this configuration in a file somewhere
thank you in advance for your answer