Glass fiber antenna 3dBi is not good

Hi all, I tested to compare this antenna 3dBi

with small antenna attached with RAK2247 module

When I put same distance node and gateway board (about 1m) then small antenna show RSSI from -28 to -31 while fiber antenna show -70 to -80. Why glass fiber antenna is not better than small one.



You cannot conduct meaningful tests over such short ranges.

There’s a fairly high chance that in the weak case, what you are actually seeing is the receiver being overloaded and detecting the signal on a different channel than it is actually being transmitted on. Typically it will also be received more strongly on the correct channel at the same time, but allegedly there are situations where it would not be.

If you want to do something meaningful, put the source hundreds of meters to a few kilometers away.

Of course another possibility could be a problem with cabling/adapters, such that the “better” antenna is not actually getting connected to the receiver.

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Dear cstratton,
I implemented testing with long range. I only archive about 400m. But I found that when I change fiber antenna to rak811 then i get better range and rssi at rak2247. My concern do we need change any configure at gateway side with fiber antenna? I saw in 3 location:
“SX1301_conf”: {
“lorawan_public”: true,
“clksrc”: 1, /* radio_1 provides clock to concentrator /
“antenna_gain”: 0, /
antenna gain, in dBi */
antenna gain default is 0 dBi. what does it mean? do we need change suitable with dBi of different antenna?
which file is correctly?
thank and regardss,