GPIO BOOT time value


GPIO ON and OFF on Rebooting device. RAK811- pin25 (PB10).
When first the program loading starts the pin25 gets On and after few milli seconds its get Off. we want to have this pin in Off state on reboot no blink.

Urvil Suthar

Hi @urvil
PB10( USART3_TX) and PB11( USART3_RX ) default init to UART3,so these two pins default PIN_PULL_UP.
In addition, these pins have the default function of initialization:PA9 and PA10 for UART1,PA13 and PA14 for JTAG.
So if you want want to have pin in Off state on reboot no blink,you need use other pin.

Thank you for the information. :grinning: