GPIO with RAK4270

I want to turn on Led at PB6 of RAK4270 and I complier with RUI.But it dont work.I need sp.Thank u!!

my code.

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How is your LED connected to the GPIO?
Did you try to readback the status of the GPIO as shown in our example code Products_practice_based_on_RUI_v2.0?

I connect anot Led with PB6(PIN9) and catot led with GND.And I tried example code but it not work.Thanks

What kind of LED is it?
LED’s have a maximum voltage depending on their type. The output of the RAK4270 is 3.3V. Without a resistor you might have destroyed the LED.
What voltage do you measure at the RAK4270 GPIO?

LED resistor calculator

I run the example code with pin 9 (PB6) output blinking.

Check your wires, add a resistor (I used 470 Ohm) and double check that you didn’t burn your LED by connecting it to 3.3V

u can send me your code or bin file example code!!

Send both to you in direct message.